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Conservation programs, development, social equity and volunteer ...

Yarina Eco Lodge, is member of YUTURI CONSERVATION GROUP, an organization involved in many rainforest conservation projects that are supported by national and international organizations with the same feelings.


Yarina Eco Lodge started 10 years ago as a program to teach the importance of conserving wildlife and our environment with the local community. However, year by year, the lodge was growing, changing and developing new important forms of work with the local people, along with national and international tourists. Today, the lodge is part of the most important and best rescue centers of wildlife in the Ecuadorian Amazon.


We contribute the Conservation


5% of monthly income from visitors YARINA Ecological Reserve, are provided directly to the Foundation San Carlos, with this money we contribute for conservation projects, care and rescue of wild biodiversity of the area.


Led by San Carlos Foundation, have been created projects as ARCADIA Rescue Center, with a responsible management of the animals rescued from local residents and people who keep wild animals in deprorables conditions


With the backing of local authorities - Ministry of Environment - INEFAN - Environmental Police - local and responsable people and other entities and foundations, this project is carried out with great success.


His contributions in cash or valued species are welcome.

Yarina Eco Lodge - Conservation Projects


Yarina Eco Lodge - Conservation Projects

Education and Social Equity


The San Carlos community, is composed of approx. 250 people, two local schools, each serving about 45 children, the distances are long but the spirit is great.


The Yarina Ecological Reserve organizes touristic travel and work days where visitors go once a year to repair the school, painting, fixing desks and other activities of school.

All these actions are performed in the months of July, August and September of each year. Visitors will be satisfied in work together with local people and support to the student workshops to improve study conditions of students.

It takes donations of school supplies, notebooks, pencils, writing and reading material. All their contributions are valid to help in these remote corners of the world.


Medical Symposium


Each year the YUTURI Conservation Group, next to the San Carlos Foundation organizes medical visit days to serve the entire local population of the indigenous San Carlos, located one hour by canoe from the Coca's city.


Medical assistance services such as dentistry, general medicine, antiparasitic, together with the ancient knowledge of natural medicine, have create a culture of health for all residents of the community to prevent future illness and to clear disease local or imported.


The job is also to teach at this people about the risks of living with wild animals without natural care they deserve.


If you are a medical professional, we invite you to register for these medical missions for the benefit of local populations.

Yarina Eco Lodge - Conservation Projects


Yarina Eco Lodge - Conservation Projects

Volunteer Programs


We need for volunteers who want to know the forest, are made programs interpretation of forest to teach visitors all the benefits of the Amazon rainforest, teachers to teach english and math, biology students to continue the survey inventory of local wildlife, zoology students to maintain and care for the animals staying at the Rescue Center Arcadia. All these programs must have a minimum of 4 weeks in the lodge.


We need volunteers to translate our ​​website and other informational materials to other languages ​​and to can reach other potential visitors, in return give you a week's stay in the Yarina Ecological Reserve with all expenses paid.

We need volunteers in Administrative Management, to market our products in other turistic markets and thus generate a culture of conservation and protection of the environment, a culture of equity and social responsibility and a rentable economy culture, to take care of this planet in benefit of future generations and to be solidarity forever in time and space.


Yarina Eco Lodge - Conservation Projects


Pack for a purpose

We are proud members of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travelers like you to make a lasting impact in the community at your travel destination. If you save just a few kilos of space in your suitcase and bring supplies for area schools or medical clinics in need, you'll make a priceless impact in the lives of our local children and families. Please click here to see what supplies are needed for our project/projects.


Remember ... help protect nature, help save the planet !!!

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Quito - Ecuador - Sudamerica

Yarina Eco Lodge is member of Yuturi Conservation Group


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