Preservation & Sustainability
The Yarina Ecological Reserve was created as a program to educate local indigenous populations and national and international visitors on the importance of local wildlife preservation and its sorroundings

Help us protect the Amazon Forest. Taking care of Mother Nature is the responsibility of all of us.

The Yarina Ecological Reserve is a founding member of Yuturi Conservation Group, an organization dedicated to protect and preserve Ecuadorian Amazon Forest, as well as its wild fauna and flora. Along with other foundations, we support the community through health, education, scientific and financial contributions.

Your visit helps contribute to wildlife protection

5% of the revenue received by Yarina Ecological Reserve through its visitor programs are destined to Fundación San Carlos, contributing to protection, preservation and rescue of local biodiversity. Through the leadership of this organization, the Arcadia Rescue Center was created in order to rescue wild animals that inhabit local settlements, and reintegrate them into their natural habitats.

This project is carried out successfully with the permission of local authorities, the Ministry of Environment, the Ecuadorian Institute of Forest and Natural and Wildlife Areas (INFEFAN) and the Environmental Police. All contributions toward these goals are welcome.

Help us promote local education

With the purpose of bringing science and formal education to the tropical forest, in 2011 we founded the Josefina Villamar Obando School, a single-teacher education center that serves local children. Every morning the little ones go to the school, have breakfast and take their classes. A plant teacher offers all subjects, and thanks to the collaborative volunteer work of all, other teachers come to the school and contribute with their knowledge as well.

We offer visiting and maintenance tours to the school to preserve it, with community activities such as painting the school. Donations of school supplies such as notebooks, pencils, reading and writing materials are welcome.

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Medical journeys

Along with the Yuturi Preservation Group and the Fundación San Carlos, every year we organize medical visit journeys to serve the local indigenous population of the San Carlos community, located a one-hour boat ride from El Coca city. If you are a medical specialist, we invite you to apply for these medical journeys.

The medical assistance revolves around dentistry, general and antiparasitic practice, which, along with ancient knowledge of natural medicine, allows us to prevent and remedy maladies.

Scientific contribution

We are passionate about studying the tropical forest, the fauna and flora biodiversity, and that is why we dedicate valuable time cataloging and including them in our registry. In a collaborative work with specialists we have created incredible resources, including, among others, a bird inventory, a book of medicinal plants, an investigative material about the coleopterans and a manual for biosafety.

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Help us to help “Pack for a Purpose!”

We are part of an initiative that allows travelers to create a long-lasting positive impact in the communities and other destinations they visit. This is made possible through donations, which create value in the community, as these are most needed. We invite you to support this important action in favor of all the different people in the region.