Ecuadorian Jungle
A small country located at the north-south midpoint to he globe, Ecuador is one of the diverse countries in the world, being the country with largest number of species by square kilometer.

The Amazon

The site with the largest flora and fauna biodiversity in the world

Welcome to the Amazonian jungle, the largest expanse of tropical forest in the world, home to thousands of fascinating animal and plant species as well as freshwater rivers and lakes. It is home to age-old tribes and ancient cultures, present in these blessed lands for over 10,000 years, being ancient guardians of the biological heritage of Mother Nature.

It is one of the most amazing and fascinating places, a true monument to life! It terrytory is home to more than 20% of the total plant species recorded on Earth and accumulates more than 40% of freshwater sources in the planet, thanks to the abundant waters of the Amazonas River and the Napo River in Ecuador, one of its main tributaries.

The spectacular Ecuadorian jungle

A unique nature and wildlife experience

Ecuador is home to 2% of the Amazonian watershed. Known as the West, this short geographical region is one of the areas with the largest diversity and highest accessibility levels in the world, due to a well-founded tourist infrastructure. It comprises six provinces: Sucumbíos, Orellana, Napo, Pastaza, Morona Santiago and Zamora Chinchipe.

The fascinating Yasuní National Park, spanning 1.022.736 hectares, is part of the Ecuadorian Amazon, and has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, lodging over 600 species among hundreds of diverse types of birds, trees, rivers, large and small animals such as jaguars, anacondas, harpy eagles, monkeys and reptiles.

Astonishing wildlife

The Ecuadorian tropical forest is particularly rich and privileged by its flora and fauna, and it is home to the largest diversity of species on the planet. In these lands, majestic “ceibos” grow, melodious toucans and parrots sing; monkeys skip from tree to tree, pumas and jaguars traverse the territory from one end to the other, boas and caimans come out at night.

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In Ecuador you will find:

More than 4,500 species of orchids

More than 1,500 species of birds

More than 800 species of fish

More than 300 species of mammals

More than 70,000 species of insects

Hundreds of medicinal plants